Cochrane Livestock


 Cochrane Livestock commenced their Livestock Business in 2009 and has since conducted 83 Dairy livestock sales in QLD, from Warwick to Malanda and interstate .

John Cochrane , the Principal of Cochrane Livestock, was born on a Stud Jersey Dairy farm at Kin Kin to be a fifth generation Dairy farmer. John is acknowledged by those ‘in the know’ as a specialist marketer of Dairy and Beef Livestock, his lifetime of livestock experience always guarantees a strong result to his vendors.

Cochrane Livestock expertise covers all areas of Livestock Marketing including Dairy Clearing Sales, general Dairy and Beef Cattle Auctions, Private Sales of all Dairy Cattle including special sales of  Holstein Friesian, Jersey, Swiss & Ayrshire .

Cochrane Livestock is an independent professional Livestock marketer.

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